This is the first article I ever wrote.

A lot of things in life makes me happy, but only a few things really do. It’s that little piece of happiness that you’ve got.

1. My boyfriend

The first thing that makes me happy is my boyfriend. A few days ago, a saw a picture with a text. This text said that your thoughts about your first love is like “Oh that love wasn’t real”, but it was. That your second love teach you lessons, it hurts you. And that your third love is the blindly love, the true love, your soulmate. And my boyfriend is my third love, he is the person I love the most. I love him like I never loved someone before.

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2. Food

I really love food, it’s weird for me to say. The food I like the most is healthy food. Like mozzarella, pesto and tomatoes. Salads with a dressing. But on the moments, I don’t feel well, I eat unhealthily. After I eat unhealthily, my skin looks bad, I don’t feel well, etc. Food is something that’s very important in my life. Not only because I love food, but it also took control of my life a while ago. So, I keep eating, try to eat healthy and feel well.

food, healthy, and salad image food, healthy, and salad image

3. The little moments in life

You know it, those little moments in your life. The moments that makes you happy. It can be something little, something crazy, something you always wanted to do. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long it’s with someone you love. Your boyfriend, your family or your best friend.

4. Self confidence

This is not something that makes me happy all the time, but it’s something I think is very important. Everyone can have a little self-confidence, it’s something that’s important. In the past I was bullied by some people of school. Not something you hope other kids will get through. So, you can and may have a little self-confidence, and stand up for yourself and other people.

5. Friends

Friends are very important, without friends you haven’t anyone to talk to. Okay, I have nobody to talk to. Somethings your discus with your friends, but not with your boyfriend. I can talk with my best friend about everything, just because she’s my best friend. With other friends I share other things, you just make great memories with each other.

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