Here is my lit playlist for March, you know how it is...Get ready to FLYYYYYY

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1. Young B, Hash Swan, Killagramz ft Zico & Dean - 요즘것들 (Things These Days)

When I first heard this my mind was literally shook, like my brain neurons tings were flying all over the place. The composition and whole beat of this song threw me. It is to sum up in one word; Unique. I can't believe that I hadn't discovered this gem before. And Dean + Zico = Heavenly. I should also recommend Hash Swan, I'm not to sure if he's new to the scene but from what I have heard so far his rapping skills are on point, he kinda reminds me of a Korean Cory Gunz if you know what i'm on about, his voice is pretty similar in tone.

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2. Lil Dicky ft Chris Brown - Freaky Friday

This song is legit hilarious and then end just had me apart from the Kendall Jenner part lmao she kinda remind me of a robot but no hate. I hadn't heard of Lil Dicky before but I have always been a hardcore fan of Breezy. Definitely recommend downloading this song.

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3. Charlie Puth ft Kehlani - Done For Me

I just adore Charlie Puth and Kehlani's voice is literal honey (ironic since she released a sing called Honey too). I just f with this song even though its kinda more pop but its Charlie Puth so I can't say no...he is just too damn adorable.

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4. Migos ft Drake - Walk It Talk It

Just a side-note: Watch the video with the song it's hilarious. Migos are life. Please watch the video I swear you will cry with laughter. They pop up wearing thos 90s glasses and then Drake comes out like Micheal Jackson.It's a hit just based off the video trust me.

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5. Chris Brown & Joyner Lucas - Stranger Things

This straight up fire. Chris Brown is hella talentted you can't even lie but Joyner Lucasssss damnnnnnnnn man...He is amazing. P.S Sorry I couldn't find any photos of Joyner on here damn.

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6. Reddy, Swag D, Paloalto, YunB, G2, Huckleberry P & Camo Starr - Break Bread

Man. Idk how to describe this music video. It's kinda trippy but on my level. I hadn't heard of these artists apart from Paloalto and Reddy but I'll definitely be checking more of their music out.

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7. Jessi - Spirit Animal

Ngl I downloaded this becasue of the dope beat. And my favourite lyric is
"They starin at matatas no worries hakuna"
*wink Wink (lol this girl is hilarious and a lyrical genius)