Today i want to share something very personal.

Im a young person with an old soul, i think. Ive always felt so different - i know thats an extremely cliche thing to say - so out of place from everything. I love art, books, history, im so interested in so so much, but i dont know where to start, what to do. I´ve felt hopeless a big part of my life, always looking, searching and hoping for something that isnt there. Something to give this life meaning.

This weekend i went home, a little town in Norway with lots of forests and mountains. Wonderful nature. It has its downsides like everything else, but its home. In the past year ive moved to a bigger city with my boyfriend who i love very much, but he has different interests than me. He´s bit more "normal", if you will. We are very different. I feel more lost now than ever. What will become of all this? I dont have an answer for this, what i should do, that was not my intention of writing this article.

Well, I went on a hike to the most beautiful and wonderful place i know. A forest, just a few minutes away from my home. Ive been there so many times. Seeking peace, listening to the silence. Its been so long since ive been there, maybe a year. I miss the nature, the sounds, everything. When i saw the tops of the trees beside the start of the trail, I felt inner peace. Instantly. And i cried. The city with its loudness, the constant stress of deciding what to do with life, just fell down from my shoulders. Listening to the birds and the wind.. i cant describe the feeling. If i should have an answer for this article, some sense or whatever.. it would be that no matter how much you´re struggling, life gives you these moments. These wonderful moments of peace. No matter how stressful my life is, i can think back at my forest where everything is just as i left it.

i hope you maybe found some inspiration, some hope in this article. life is both beautiful and ugly, stay strong

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here are some photos of my favourite place on earth