Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to my daily makeup routine. By 'Daily' I mean whenever I can be bothered to put on makeup.

This is what I do to look more presentable but remember that you don't need makeup to be considered 'pretty' or 'beautiful'. I go to school wearing no makeup except from concealer whenever i have a huge annoying spot. Also I'm not an expert in makeup nor do I claim to be. If i'm doing something wrong in my routine then sorry!

Now that the cringey disclaimer is done, here's my makeup look / routine :

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Before i put on any makeup, I wash my face and put on moisturiser. I'm currently using 'The Body Shop - Vitamin E moisture cream (all skin types). Then I put on whatever lip balm I can find in my drawers. After all that is complete, I spray the 'Mario Badescu Facial Spray' (rose water, aloe and herbs).
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I always start off with my face. I don't use any foundation as I feel like I don't need it and i'm not for that cake look. I put small dots of the 'SEVENTEEN - Stay Time concealer' under my eyes and on any blemishes i want to cover up. I don't put a lot on, then i blend out my under eyes with a damp beauty bender... not sure why, it's what you're meant to do so I do it.
Straight after i blend out my under eyes i go straight in with my 'Laura Mercier - Translucent loose setting power' and put it onto of my concealer to 'bake' it. This prevents creases and keeps the makeup in longer. Then I blend in the other areas where I put on concealer.
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For m eyebrows, I barely fill them in as they're quite dark and visible already. I'll either use powder or my 'NYX- Tame & Frame Brow Pomade' and lightly fill in my eyebrows. When it's a bad brow day then i'll apply concealer lightly under the brow to clean it up.
As this is an everyday makeup, I don't put on any eyeshadow. Sometimes I'll put a natural brown eyeshadow in the crease of my eyelid. I curl my lashes and normally leave it at that. If I'm feeling fancy then I'll apply 'Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara' onto my eyelashes.
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I am a huge fan of contouring and bronzing. First, I use my 'NYX - Wonder Stick' contour stick and use the contour end and draw lines under my cheekbones. Then I blend it out with a contour brush. With the same brush (oops) I apply some of my 'Rimmel London - Natural Bronzer' and swipe it over the contour.
For my highlight, as it's natural and everyday, I don't use powder highlighter even though i love them so much. Instead I put on my 'MAC - illuminating cream' on my cheekbones and blend it out with my finger. It gives such a nice natural glow. This was also in my 'FEBRUARY FAVOURITES' article!
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Finally, I apply on a matte liquid lipstick as I love matte lipsticks.
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That's my "everyday" makeup routine! I hope you enjoyed reading what I do and don't forget to send in your reactions.

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Kelly xx

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