Sooo I wanna study cinematography when I pass my exams and I love watching movies and analyze them...
So here they are, my favourite moviesss

1. Inception
Great graphics, very clever and special script and Leonardo nailed it as "dream-thief"
(also Christopher Nolan is my favourite director,you'll see him a lot on this list)

2. Titanic
Don't start with all the "just a classic romantic movie", "Titanic" is beyond a classic romantic movie.The director (James Cameron) is one of the biggest directors in Hollywood and his technics are jealous-worthy.AND don't get me starting with the customes and scenery, they are AWESOME

3. American History X
Clever, touching, little bit of rough scenes with fighting and stuff but it touches on an issue that is very common nowadays: racism.Also it shows us how a man can change his life and his mind after a big mistake and that regret can make him a better person

4. Fight Club
At first I didn't want to watch this movie because I thought it will be only just men punching each other. But this movie is so genius and it takes on issues like overconsumption, paranoia and illusions. You NEED to watch it. (also, HELENA BONHAM CARTER bitcheeees)

5. The Prestige
I told you you're gonna see another film by Nolan on this list,here it is.Mind-blending, mysterious and very apealing on the audience which likes magic tricks.And an incredible playing by David Bowie as Tesla

6. Dark Knight
Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and the greatest of all (in my opinion) Heath Ledger as the most memorable Joker. I don't think there are any other words to say. Oh and Nolan-thunder strikes, again

7. Now you see me
So, so clever script, even though the direction didn't surprise me much. I just loved the fact that this movie showed me how can someone get fooled so easily.( Plus, Dave Franco OMG)

8. Spotlight
I didn't even know the facts of that event( the children's harassment by pastors), I was surprised by the story. The whole cast was an incredible choice and they had such a good chemistry...

9. The Departed
I know, this is a classic movie with cups and bad guys where they are all just chasing eachother, but for the first time, the good ones don't always win. Sorry for the spoilers,but that's the thing I liked the most. Also I loved the music (it has Irish influences) and Jack Nicholson rocking as always. Plus, Martin Scorsese directing and DiCaprio turning into a whole different character

10. Prisoners
Mystery, action and some scary scenes that have you on guard. Jake Gyllenhaal at his own best

11. Phantom of the Opera
I LOVE MUSICALS! I love the fact that songs and choreographies can express emotions the same way acting does. And this movie has me sobbing,every time. Also, you will be fascinated by Gerard Butler's angelic voice

12. Call me by your name
It's so down on the list because it's new, not because i like it least. Touching, tender, romantic and so sensual. If Timothee Chalamet can play this good on his 22, I can't imagine how much he will envolve his acting. Just amazing

13. Sherlock Holmes
The one with Robert Downey J. as Holmes and Jude Law as Dr Watson. Such an amazing duo and incredible direction and editing. Too bad it didn't win an oscar

14. Hacksaw Ridge
I watched this movie two weeks ago and OH MY GOD (in Janice's voice of course)!!! This movie had me crying from the first minute that man saved the first injured soldier. I was getting goosebumps every time ( i get those goosebumps everytime yeah you come around yeah you easy my mind, you make everything feel fine-sorry i had to do that) Doss said that he didn't want to hold a gun. Flawless movie

15. The Intouchables
Thrilling and funny, this movie is the best choice for a family movie night. I think it's the first European movie I have ever watched and then I started watching french,german,italian etc movies that are as amazing as Hollywood's. Don't limit yourself,there are so many great movies out there that need our attention, they have so many important meanings.

(I have an endless list of favourite movies but these are my top 15, if you want me to make another list,send me a message!)