Hello! I´m coming at you with a review of a pretty amazing book. I´m writing a review with just one little spoiler.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

As principal characters, we have: Simon Snow, Penelope Bunce (his best friends), Tyrannus Basilton (Baz) Grimm-Pitch (his worst enemy), and Agatha Wellbelove (his girlfriend). All of them go to the Watford School of Magics.

Simon Snow is, according to a mysterious profecy, The One who will defeat magic´s worst enemy, the Insidious Hundrum, who killed Watford´s last principal, Natasha Grimm-Pitch (Baz´s mother) and is leaving spaces empty of Magic. But there is a little problem: He doesn´t have any idea of how to do that.

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Credits to the author.

Our story starts with the beginning of Simon´s senior year on Watford. He isn´t very happy about it: The school´s principal wants him to leave, his best friend is too worried for him and he saw his girlfriend flirting with Baz, his roommate and enemy (who´s hiding a big secret), who he hates dealing with.

When classes start, little spoiler, Baz doesn´t appear. Days pass, and there isn´t signal about him. One night, Natasha´s spirit comes over to Simon´s room, looking for him. He asks Simon to tell him her killer is free, and he should find Nicodemus to help him. That way, she can rest in peace.

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Obsessed with telling him the truth and afraid he´s conspiring somehow to kill him, Simon starts looking for Baz, despite what Agatha and Penelope believe.

They both make a promise: Truce their enmity to find Natasha´s killer and then try to find a way Simon can find answers and deal with his destiny. Which ends up being nothing like we all imagined.

This universe was originally created by the author as a part of another book, Fangirl. The principal, Cath, writes a fanfic of Simon Snow, a popular saga similar to Harry Potter. The book´s popular because of this, but also because it has two gay principal characters.

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This book talks about magic, but also about resignation for our loved dead ones, friendship, trusting your instincts, fighting for what you want, but most importantly: Accepting who you are and being able to love and trust yourself no matter what happens.

You should it if you are a Harry Potter or Fantasy Genre fan. It will make you laugh and fall in love with the characters and its universe, it´s very entertaining, answers all of your questions, and has a powerful plot twist. It will also make you raise your expectations on love (haha).

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The author, Rainbow Rowell, is well known for all for her books: Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, Landline and Attachments.

It´s classified as Young Adult, and it has magic on it. I think everyone can read it, but you should consider your opinion on the LGBTQ+ community first. It doesn´t not promote homosexuality, it talks about love, and if you aren´t into it, just don´t read it.

I rate it Five of Five Stars.

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