This is the first part of the article streak, hope y'all gonna like it. and ask me if you have questions ♡

I wanted to do this in alphabetic order. And definitely gonna skip some countries ;0


I went so many times skiing in this country, and it is beautiful

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I really really really want to go back to this beautiful country, I think it is one of the most beautiful country's I have ever visited.

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Costa Rica

This country was so different from the rest of the countries I had seen so far, the nature was amazing <3

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It is more an island, but I like to go back and have some warm weather.

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I LOVE France, definitely one of my favourites ;)

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This summer I am going to greece again, I love the country and I never get bored of it.

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The country next to mine, Tbh I only have been in Berlin :0

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sooo this was the first part hope you guys liked it. see you in part 2

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