I have seen all 73 Questions with Vogue and I have imagined what I would respond if I had to answer these questions and so here I am, answering them.

  • 1. What’s your favorite movie?
  • 2. Favorite movie in the past five years?

A: Wonder

  • 3. Favorite Hitchcock film?

A: Psycho, just because of the twitter memes.

  • 4. A book you plan on reading?

A: Diary of Anne Frank but im not a big book lover.

  • 5. A book that you read in school that positively shaped you?

A: The little prince, it made me realize, long after I read it, that even if two people are in love doesn't mean they will be together.

  • 6. Favorite TV show that’s currently on?

A: Black Mirror, it's the best. I don't like series very much because I have to watch every episode but in this it isn't like that and I love it.

  • 7. On a scale of one to ten how excited are you about life right now?

A: I would say a 5, I'm going to Greece very soon, im getting healthier and im gonna Finnish the last project I have to do this year.

  • 8. iPhone or Android?

A: iPhone, I love the emojis.

  • 9. Twitter or Instagram?

A: Twitter.

  • 10. Who should EVERYONE be following right now?

A: "classical_art_memes" on instagram, thank me later.

  • 11. What’s your favorite food?

A: I don't know the name but it's chunks of soy with tomato sauce and cream and potatoes in the oven, they are good!

  • 12. Least favorite food?

A: Spinach, ew.

  • 13. What do you love on your pizza?

A: Cheese, lots of cheeseeee.

  • 14. Favorite drink?

A: Orange Juice, freshly squeezed orange juice.

  • 15. Favorite dessert?

A: My sister's cake, I don't know what it's called in English but in Portuguese is "Bolo de bolacha maria"

  • 16. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

A: Milk chocolate

  • 17. Coffee or tea?

A: None, hate both.

  • 18. What’s the hardest part about being a mum?

A: Wouldn't know yet.

  • 19. What’s your favorite band?

A: 5 Seconds of Summer.

  • 20. Favorite solo artist?

A: Front Porch Step

  • 21. Favorite song?

A: When you look me in the eyes - Jonas Brothers

  • 22. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?

A: Dua Lipa or Calum Hood

  • 23. If you could master one instrument, what would it be?

A: Piano or Saxophone.

  • 24. If you had a tattoo, where would it be?

A: I plan on getting a lot of those and the first would be on my arm or wrist, probably.

  • 25. To be or not to be?

A: Not to be.

  • 26. Dogs or cats?

A: Dogs even though I have 2 cats and just one dog

  • 27. Bird-watching or whale-watching?

A: Whale-watching.

  • 28. Best gift you’ve ever received?

A: A little hello kitty with a sheep costume that my sister gave me.

  • 29. Best gift you’ve ever given?

A: A hand-written letter.

  • 30. Last gift you gave a friend?

A: To be honest I don't remember.

  • 31. What’s your favorite board game?

A: Dixit or monopoly, the classical one.

  • 32. What’s your favorite country to visit?

A: For now, Germany but the more I travel I think it's gonna change.

  • 33. What’s the last country you visited?

A: Germany

  • 34. What country do you wish to visit?

A: Iceland.

  • 35. What’s your favorite color?

A: Yellow

  • 36. Least favorite color?

A: Hot pink.

  • 37. Diamonds or pearls?

A: Diamonds.

  • 38. Heels or flats?

A: Flats but sneakers.

  • 39. Pilates or yoga?

A: Yoga.

  • 40. Jogging or swimming?

A: I love swimming.

  • 41. Best way to de-stress?

A: Go to the top of a mountain and scream.

  • 42. If you had one superpower, what would it be?

A: Controle minds.

  • 43. What’s the weirdest word in the English language?

A: Metanoia, look it up.

  • 44. What’s your favorite flower?

A: Roses.

  • 45. When was the last time you cried?
  • 46. Do you like your handwriting?

A: Nope, only when I do it very slowly.

  • 47. Do you bake?

A: Oh yes, love baking.

  • 48. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

A: The shape of my face.

  • 49. What is your most favorite thing about yourself?

A: My butt or my eyes.

  • 50. Who do you miss most?

A friend I used to have, I miss her lots.

  • 51. What are you listening to right now?

Arctic monkeys and a lot of 2000's R&B.

  • 52. Favorite smell?

A: The beach in the winter or Christmas.

  • 53. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

A: A friend.

  • 54. Who was the last person you sent a text to?

A: A girl I asked to be a part of my project for school.

  • 55. A sport you wish you could play?

A: English football.

  • 56. Hair color?

A: Dark brown.

  • 57. Eye color?

A: Dark brown.

  • 58. Scary film or happy endings?

A: happy endings.

  • 59. Favorite season?

A: Of which show?

  • 60. Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?

A: Betty White, Calum Hood and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • 61. Hugs or kisses?

A: hugs.

  • 62. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

A: The Beatles.

  • 63. Where were you born?

A: In Portugal.

  • 64. What is the farthest you have been from home?

A: When I cry.

  • 65. Sweet or savory?

A: Savory.

  • 66. Lipstick or lip gloss?

A: Lipstick.

  • 67. What book have you read again and again?

A: "Goodnight, Tico" my childhood book.

  • 68. Favorite bedtime story?

A: "Goodnight, Tico".

  • 69. What would be the title of your autobiography?

A: "I don't know either"

  • 70. Favorite sound?

A: The waves.

  • 71. Favorite animal?

A: Dogs.

  • 72. Who is your girl crush?

A: Selena Gomez.

  • 73. Last photograph you took?

Of my cat

Thats all for now, thanks guys, try them yourself and tell me all about it.

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