Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to write about American Horror Story. AHS is TV series with items horror and drama. I ended watch a first season – “Murder House” - few days ago. “Murder House” relates a history story of an abandoned house, where moves it Harmons Family. They know that ghosts of the previous owners lives this home...

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What are my impressions after seeing this season?

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I am very glad after watching. Incredible Specia Effects and well-chosen actors, who play roles in popular horror series (Dylan mcDermott, Connie Britton, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga [awww], Denis o’Hara i Jessica Lange) - they are performing a good job. Main thread was some difficult for me to a concept but I caught after some time what is going on. If it comes for heroes, I loved couple Tate and Violet (Peters, Farmiga)! When they were together in whichever scenes… I was enchanted. The couple entered me in little error - Tate was normal from the first episode but in sixth episode turn out that he's a ghost - he was killed by police in mother's eyes (Constance Langdon). Violet takes sleeping pills and die - she doesn't know she live as ghost to time, when Tate reveals her cruel true(episode 10)...

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Jessica Lange played perfectly too. In "Murder House" played as Constance Langdon - Harmon's neighbor - calm, maybe nice, but crude and endeavoring to getting home ("Murder House" title) and his grandson (Tate as Rubber Man raped Violet's mother - Vivien).

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I recognized that the season is the best today. Nowadays i watching a second season - AHS: Asylum in everyone thursday after 11:00am on TV.

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Will impressions be same as after watching "Murder House"?

I'll answer the question after end the second season...
I'll come back with new impressions coming soon ;)

Byeee :*