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I know, I know, long time no see but I am back with a new article and I hope that I will be able to post at least one article per week.

Now that we're at it, since I have ran out of ideas, please send me article subjects you'd like to see in the mere future. (Your name will be on it and I will give you credits for the idea)

So lets get on with the article. Today I will show you some nice pictures you can easily recreate.

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Cultural Shock

While I am not fond of the notion that you should go to a museum just to take some pictures, I really like photos inside museums, art galleries and archaelogical monuments. If you ever visit one, just click and post!

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The food flatlays

Ever ordered a whi worth plate? Well what are you waiting for? Snap a pic and share it with your followers.

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Art Hoe

Sorry for the curse word, it's only part of the caption. I love seeing small sketches by talented people, they personally inspire me. So give it a chance...

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Happy Traveler

I love traveling so whenever I see pictures of my favourite places I feel like I want to go there again. Every place you visit holds a different memory, it is a different chapter of the book called life. Embrace it as much as you can. Why not share it?

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It's pawesome!

Pets are man's (and by man's I mean human's) best friends. Just strike a pose with your pet.

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Best Pals

Show the world that you are the chicest, fanciest, best friends.

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A cup of dreams

...Or coffee. Whatever fits best. Damn those coffee pics. I'm inlove

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That was it, hope you liked it! BRB, going to make a photoshoot!
Anyway, if you want a part 2, heart this article.


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