Hola hearters! Today I decided to came up with this article to talk about anxiety that you may have, or know someone who has it.
This will allow you to recognize the symptoms and help others. Knowing you are dealing with it will lead you to the possibility of understand the causes and whys of anxiety..

It can be compared to a monster that live and feed himself of adrenaline. When we accept this monster and know it is inside us, will help ourselfs because we recognize that is there and it can attack in any moment, so that let us control it a little more.

This emotional state, it's present on the anticipation to threats or danger. It is a basic emotion but not principal as joy or sadness. Share the same characteristics with fear. It means that we are confronting an emotional reaction because of a confused mix of feelings and emotions, without detected and specific stimulus, like a spider or a snake in front of us.

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To be honest, we all deal with anxiety in our day-to-day, but when it is frecuence, it can lead us to certain problems in our living like:

  • Memory problems
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Heart diseaces
  • Sexual Problems
  • Problems on social development
  • Digestiv problems

To get you throught anxiety, it's important for you to remember this

Anxiety is inside your head, with a little bit of effort we can be conscious of what it's inside us and control it.
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Analyce what are the thing that makes you anxious, it will help us to knowing ourself's better and develop our emotional inteligence.
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Don't be to harsh with your own self, it is vital to reflectioned on the things we did right or not, but that doesn't mean we have to be really critics in ourselfs. It's about thinking in a more positive way and improve our selfsestem, selfcontrol and self-efficacy.
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Adopt a new positiv attitude and point of view, I know sometimes can be really hard to see the positive side on something we don't like, things we can't change will always happen, but we can decide how are we going to act and our capacity of reactions when it happens.
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Take your part on the situations you worry about, it's always important to think before we act, but don't waste to much time over thinking on the solutions, that will just make a negative effect on you.
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Share your emotions with the close ones, emotional education it's essential for everyone. Maybe no one said to us how to express our feelings but it is never to late to start doing it. Everyone needs to talk and feel supported, so don't hesitate on talking with someone you trust.
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Take your time on acctivities you enjoy and like, being too occupied in your work or everyones bussines can let you push a side, it's not a cool way of treating yourself.
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Keep healthies habits, eating, sleeping, spending too much time in front of your somputer, etc, etc, it's always important to set your priorities first and by that, I mean taking care of yourself well. Our mental and physic health is the principal thing.
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Take care of your breathing and minfulness, meditate and breathing the right way can help you a lot when you are about to hit anxiety once again.
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Try the progressive relaxation of Jacobson and search information of anxiety on good fonts.
Ignore the prejudices of people who don't know what anxiety is, ignorance can be their bestfriend, but don't let that affect to you, so don't listen to them and don't tag yourself as a weakness person.
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Don't self-diagnose , first if you think you may have it, go to a medical center, or go to a consult with your doctor, they will know how to help you in a more professional way.
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Thanks for reading, I really hope this help you if you are dealing with it or known someone. Feel free to send me postcard if you want to talk or consider that is something I missed on the article. Love you all! And remember we are beautiful as we are and we just need to accept ourselfs. Lots of Hugs! ♥


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