most people don't get it,
why i'm so negative about myself,
i don't know either, it's just who i am.

when you take a picture of me,
and i look back at it,
i think i look ugly and disgusting,
and tell you to delete it,
you say "why? it's just a funny pic"
and you keep it on your phone,
but the thing is, you just don't get it.

the next week or month all that goes on in my head is the thought of how ugly i looked in that picture,
how disgusting i look everyday,
how i'm not pretty like everyone else.

people don't get it,
how the tears stream down my face,
and the liquid drips down my wrist,
because of that picture,
they don't get it
how when i tell them to delete a picture
i can get mad about it
because i have no confidence

maybe you don't get it because,
when i take a pic of you all you just think is ew,
but what i think is;
look at how big my nose is,
i look disgusting,
my mouth is weird,
my head is so big,
how am i this ugly,
this goes on in my head for so long.

so before you take a picture of me,
don't do it.
people don't get what goes trough a depressed person's mind,
so don't ask and just delete that picture,