so.. here are a few songs which stay some of my favourites forever, because they are considerable for me or remind me of my past that I can't forget. Maybe I accomplish to inspire some of you or entrust some of these songs to you.^^

1. Troye Sivan - Youth

troye sivan, troye, and boy image

A few years ago I started watching his videos at first and I became obsessed with him really fast. He inspired me in many ways... whatever it was. Back then I was listening to this song a lot and I sang it every day. This song still gives me those emotions I can't explain. ♥

2. The neighbourhood - Wires

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Wires was the first song by 'The neighbourhood' I was listening to. I found it randomly on youtube and immediately clicked on it. First I was really insecure about 'do I like it or do I not?'. I decided upon the first of course. It was kinda different than the other songs I was listening to but I'm lucky that I had the opportunity to find this aesthetic band as soon as I could. ♥

3. Arctic Monkeys - 505

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Okay, so.. 505 really gives me chills at first. It's like.. pretty soothing. I was the first in my clique who was listening to Arctic Monkeys and I felt pretty unique because none of them was listening to them as well. As time went by I felt like everyone else was listening to them too and I felt annoyed at first because I don't like being 08/15 or having the thought of listening to something mainstream but this song was always there when I felt bad or when I was about to cry. ♥

4. Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna Girl

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This was also my first song by her and this is also about 6 years ago and back then I already LOVED her. I remember how I was searching for this song so many hours on youtube because I couldn't find it.. Marinas music is great (you can fight me on this but we all know I'm right) but the most important things which makes her songs quite meaningful are her thoughts she puts in the lyrics. Listen to it carefully. ♥

5. Selena Gomez - Round and Round

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I know.. this song is almost 8 years old but for me it feels as if it was published not long ago. I kinda have the feeling that most people are Selena's fans because she's so famous right now. I mean I love seeing her getting famous and greater but I think some people are just following the trend and don't really listen to her songs that much... I've been her fan since 'The wizard of Waverly Place' was aired here in Germany and this is about 11 years ago. I had a lot of merch products and knew almost every song by her. I spent hours and hours listening to them everyday. Even if I did not unterstand what she was singing because I was really young and haven't learned english before. Besides this song was really special to me because it was filmed in Budapest and I'm half hungarian, soooo... :) I first saw this video on Viva and I was really amazed. This song reminds me of my childhood and the great time sitting in front of the TV and watching 'TWoWP' EVERY evening..^^ Selena will always stay my first role model. ♥

So these are some of my favourite songs and you should definitely listen to them, at least ONCE! ♥ Feel hugged^^ ♥♥ Have a great time!