I've noticed that this month i got a lot of songs i've been listening to. Both new and old.

To not this long I'll get straight into the list:

1. iKON - Love Scenario

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The song Love Scenario is about a girl and the story behind the break up and the lonely days that follow it. Comparing the relationship as a commendable melodrama and remembering the good things they had, as well as wishing for them to come back.

2. MOMOLAND - Bboom Bboom

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Honestly, the first few times i heard the song, i didn't like it. I thought it was too bright and cheery for my taste. But after a week or so, i got a little bit into the song, now i actually like it a lot.

3. SEVENTEEN - Thanks & Clap

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The first song, Clap is a fun and upbeat song that the members worked on together, while Thanks is a bit slower and is a era dedicated only to the fans. I love what they did with both of the songs as well as the dances and videos.

4. RED VELVET - Bad Boy

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I have to say the girls killed it with this comeback, i love the song and the aesthetics they were going for. 🎵Who dat, who dat, who dat boy🎵

5. SUPER JUNIOR - Black Suit

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Super Junior is one of the first groups i ever listened to, the never fail to surprise me with each new concept and era, and Black Suit is no exception. Plus the locations and dance is on point. 👌

6. TVXQ - Mirotic

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Mirotic is one of those songs every K-pop fan knows and most likely loves. The MV itself is iconic and the dance as well. Everyone knows the words to the songs, even if you hate it, you know you sing it under your breathe.

7. Shinhwa - Perfect man

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If I'm being completely honest, I first heard the song as a cover from BTS. Before i only heard the name Shinhwa but never looked into the actual group. I loved how BTS did the song, but nothing really compares to the original.

8. T.O.P - Doom Dada

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T.O.P is my bias in BigBang and when i first got into the group, i found out they had solo careers. T.O.P's Doom Dada is a slightly strange video, with a fast beat and amazing raps and aesthetics.

9. Taeyang - Wedding Dress

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Wedding dress is one of my favorite song by Taeyang. It has emotion in the song, as well as a story about a love that will never be.

10. BIGBANG- Haru Haru

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Haru Haru is a MV with a story of GD and his girlfriend. His girlfriend has cancer and gets T.O.P to pretend to be her boyfriend, hoping GD would leave her and not see her die. GD becomes mad and fight T.O.P not knowing the real reason behind the situation. At the end of the video we see them at the hospital, the girl died because her condition worsened and GD cries. 🎵Oh, girl, I cry, cry You’re my all, say goodbye.🎵

Honorable mentions:

SF9 - O Sole Mio
NCT U - Boss, Baby Don't Stop
NCT 127 - Touch
NCT 2018 - Black On Black
B.A.P - Badman, Hurricane, One Shot, Wake me up, Honeymoon
Bang Yongguk - Yamazaki
Wanna One - Energetic
FTISLAND - Pray, I wish, Severely
INFINITE - BTD, The Eye, Be mine
SHINee - Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong, Replay, Tell Me What To Do, 1 Of 1
EXO - Mama, Call Me Baby, Tactix, Going Crazy, Diamond, The Eve, Love Me Right, Power, Miracles In December
EXO-CBX - Hey Mama!, Ka-Ching!, The one
STRAY KIDS - Hellevator, Grr
Pentagon - RUNAWAY, Gorilla, Can you feel it, VIOLET
BTOB - I'll be your man
VIXX - Hyde, Error, Chained up

I hope you liked this article and also i hope you found a few new songs to listen to if you already didn't.

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Until next time... Bye! ❤️