"Write a summer bucket list."

I'm moving at some point in the summer, not sure when yet. That makes this list a lil more difficult, but I will try my damnest.

Trip to LA with the squad

photography image

A few bonfires

bonfire, fire, and food image

Hit up York Beach (and hopefully go camping there)

beach, York, and york beach image

Camping in general

tent, forest, and camping image

Hit up Canobie Lake Park (I live in NH btw)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Going clubbing with new friends (once I move to Baltimore)

Mature image

Finish. Writing. My. Damn. Book.

coffee, city, and book image

Hope y'all got some inspiration for your own summers. Mine looks ambitious, but most will be spent on my mom's hammock, reading manga. There are other little things that I know I always do, like getting ice cream with friends at the Tide, night swimming at the lake, or going to the annual carnival. These are just the things that I hope to do but might not. Ciao! <3