hello lovelies !
yes, i know. i've done tons of 'get to know me' tags, but i thought i would do a different one this time. so read along, thank you. x


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a casual 90s inspired wardrobe with a lot of jewelry.


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i wear little to no make up 90% of the time. usually it's just mascara and my brows i fix. sometimes i use concealer and highlighter as well, but mostly never foundation. i suffer from horrible acne, so i try to keep my face clean that way. buT!! i always have my nails done. always. i don't think i've been walking around without nail polish on for over half a year now.

my looks

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shoulder length, light brown hair, icy blue eyes and acne/redness. i'm also extremely pale, so my redness and acne look bad.


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born and raised in denmark! the best country on the planet earth, fight me. of course it would be nice with hot weather, but given all the other amazing things about this place, it's alright to freeze half the year.

passions and hobbies

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colouring and sketching, traveling, standing up for human rights and fighting for equality, reading books

favourite places i've visited

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kolkata in india, california in USA, antalya/side in turkey, paris in france, london in england

places i want to visit

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new york city in USA, barcelona in spain, tokyo in japan and hanoi in vietnam

me as a person

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i'm passionate, i swear a lot, i love the beauty in all things, i've fought too many battles but they've made a better person, and i suffer from a horrible case of misophonia.

thank you for reading. x hope life treats you well!