Hello everyone!

So right now I'm sick as hell, and literally every inch of my body hurts so bad I can't do anything. That's why I decided to write the "this or that" article which I saw on some profiles lately. I can't exactly remember all the things that I have to choose between, so sorry if I left out something:D

Tea or Coffee

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coffee always!!

Summer or Winter

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guess I am the only one that likes winter better than summer. I mean c'mon! Okay we have school break in summer...But winter is beautiful and cold and Xmas and awesome!!!

Sunset or Sunrise

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both are beautiful but I mean, you don't see a sunrise so often, thats why sunrise is more special to me

Cat or Dog

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I really want a black cat but in general I like dogs way more

Burger or Pizza

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Night or Day

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I'm usually more productive at night

Coke or Pepsi

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Movie or Book

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definitely books

Movies or Series

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Sun or Rain

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November rain is the best!

Roses or Sunflowers

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I love roses, Axl Rose, plus that is my middle name

Boots or Sandals

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I hope that really wasn't a question

Heels or Sneakers

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that one too

Black and White or Colors

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it doesn't matter if u're black or white. but both

Skirt or Pants

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Urban or Rural

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city life (is much more pain, when you know you gonna move to the city, move to the city where it all begins)

Tan or Pale

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pale. lol seriously I look like a vampire (that is not me in the pics)

Leather or Denim

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leather of course

Tattoos or Piercings

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love both but for now i just have a piercing

Guitar or Bass

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i prefer drums but love both bass and guitar!

Intorvert or Extrovert

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November rain's lyrics is perfect!! btw introvert as hell

Wine or Beer

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I hate wine, don't kill me!

Freckles or Dimples

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I have both, I feel like my life is completed now💁🏻

Curly or Straight hair

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😏both. im really into GNR you can tell!

Pop or Rock

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rock. punk rock.

So that was all I guess. Hope you liked or enjoyed it or whatever:D See you in the next article, and you can find me on Instagram too:)