Hello loves! So, you're contemplating getting a nose piercing; well, do I have the article for you.

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Before you continue, I'd like you to know that I'm no expert, but I do have a nose piercing, so I have experience.

The Decision
Getting a hole pierced in your face is a big deal, so you must take some time to think about whether you will like it or not. I recommend trying a fake piercing for a few days or weeks to see if you like the way it looks and feels.
Note: A real piercing will be much more of a hassle than a fake one, you must be willing to meet the requirements for piercing care.

So You're Getting a Nose Piercing
By now, you must've decided whether or not you want the piercing- or you're just reading because you're bored... Either way, here's what it's like getting a nose piercing:
Will it hurt? Yes. Nose piercings are not at all like ear piercings; they're gauges, meaning that the needle is hollow and bigger than a normal needle. Different types of nose piercings have varying degrees of pain.
Small amount of pain: nostril piercings and third eye piercings
Medium amount of pain: rhino piercings, austin bar piercings and septril piercings
High amount of pain: nasallang piercings, septum piercings and bridge piercings
No matter the type of piercing, your eyes will water. A nostril piercing will make the eye adjacent to the nostril tear up, and any other type will most likely make both eyes water. The only piercing that may not have this impact is a third eye piercing.

piercing, nose, and septum image
I have an 18 gauge L-shaped nose pin in my left nostril.

➵ The establishment in which you are getting your nose pierced is not shady. The best place to go for a piercing is a tattoo parlor; I went to Daddy Jack's Tattoos, where my father and brother had their tattoos done.
➵ You have your birth certificate. In most places, you must be at least 16 to get a piercing.
➵ The jewelry is not cheap.
➵ You are not allergic to any of the materials.
➵ There is no makeup on or around the area that is being pierced.
➵ You are using a stud or rod, depending on the type of piercing. Do not start off with a ring as it can stretch and/or harm the area.

Piercing Care
Most nose piercings take around three months to fully heal. Until then, you must wash the piercing with anti-bacterial soap. All of this washing may make the area dry, so apply moisturizer after.
No makeup. Anything that can clog your pores can clog the piercing and cause irritation or infection.
Do not change it to a ring. Keep the stud or rod in for the three months.
A bump may appear around the piercing. DON'T WORRY. This is completely normal! Fill a small water bottle cap with water and dissolve one to three tablets of Aspirin in it, then apply to the bump on both places in which the piercing enters and/or exits.
Your piercing may still feel raw or painful after three months, this is normal too. My piercing just recently finished healing after nearly four months, and it still hurts when I change it.

My Thoughts on my Nose Piercing
Before I got my nose piercing, I was the most insecure sixteen year old girl you could possibly think of. Throughout these four months, I have grown as a person and have been learning to love myself. Getting this nose piercing really helped me kick my negative thoughts (about my nose) to the curb. I love showing it off and acting like I'm that b*tch.

Body modification does not change character.

Here are some beautiful pictures of nose piercings:

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Please feel free to DM me with any questions you have about piercings, or if you just wanna talk!

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