Hi babes! I hope this helps yall.

Forget About It

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Shitty days happen all the time, you have to let it go. Take a breather and calm down. It's ok you can start over tommorow.

Take A Bath

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In 2002 a University of Wolverhampton study found that a daily bath, usually at the end of the day, significantly improved the mood and optimism of the participants, which was attributed to a combination of bodily comfort, warmth, isolation, and body positioning.


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I'm not suggesting you stress eat or binge because that's horrible for you but treat yourself. Have a slice of cake, some pizza, a candy bar. Eating food you love can significant bring up your mood.


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I know it's dumb and you'll feel like an idiot doing it but smile. Even if you're not happy just force yourself to smile for even just a minute, it's scientifically proven to boost your mood.

Put On A Face Mask

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Face masks are fun and your skin will feels so good.

Buy Some Flowers

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Flowers smell really good and they're so beautiful. Studies prove that flowers give you an instant and lasting mood boost.

Listen To Music

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Listen to music you love, some of your favorite artists, your favorite songs. Songs that put you in a good mood.

Drink Water

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No water does not solve everything but it's proven that even minor dehydration can change your mood.

Do your nails

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Having your nails done will always improve your mood.

Drink Some Tea

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Tea is just really good for you in general, so be happy and drink it.



Ok thanks for reading babes! Have a great day cos ya'll deserve it.