Motivation is a hard thing to keep. We need it everyday to do the smallest of tasks such as get out of bed or be productive with our day. For the past month I have been struggling to find motivation to continue with college and do my exams in May. Back in September I was full of motivation, wanting to do my best and prove to everyone that I could do it. All of that, gone.

Studyspiration-coffee (Tumblr):
"Push yourself to do the hard yards. If we always listened to that sneaky part of ourselves, humans would have never achieved anything. Stay up a little later, wake up a little earlier, turn on that website blocker a little longer and always remember that success is something you need to work for every single day, no matter how you feel or how many people tell you that can't do it, even if one of those people is yourself. No one is guaranteed to stay in your life, not even the people you think will be with you forever (especially those people), so how about you set up your life instead of wasting it away focusing on other people. Always remember that setbacks are a given but you've gotta get out of there, for your own sake"

That quote is a reminder to me that setbacks are always going to happen and that I can find ways to get my motivation back and hopefully very soon as I am wanting to get my extra qualifications, just need to find the want in my head and heart to do it.