Hi everyone,

Today I decided to tell you how I cleared up my skin from acne and irritation and how I take care of it.

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Choose the right makeup for you

About a year ago I found out I was allergic to silicone, a product contained in almost every skin product and that's why my skin was always irritated and acne prone. I was advised to wash my skin as deeply as I could, but that wouldn't work. I then decided not to wear foundation for a year. At that time it was crazy for me, but after a year I can say that that was the best choice I had ever made. My skin is now clear and I recently came across bio foundations (with no parabens/silicons) and they work amazing. So, guys, always be careful when using foundations with a lot of silicone because it is extremely bad for you, even if you're not allergic.

Don't change your routine too often

In order for your skin to be popping, it has to get used to every product you put on it. Trying on different skin care products too often is going to stress it and irritate it and we DONT want that

ALWAYS moisturize your face

and try to use as many natural products as you can, your skin will appreciate it.

Use face masks and scrubs every other day

Remember not to do it too frequently or else your skin will eventually break out.

Drink lots of water

That's the most important thing you need to do!!

Eat healthy

Your body will thank you and your skin will be glowy as fuck.

and that's about how my skin has started getting better and is now super clear.

until next time,
xoxo, Cam