🌙hey friends, i hope you had a nice weekend.

here's a small paragraph of lovely things that i thought i'd share with you;

It is very important to go out alone- not with a book, or a phone, or any distraction at all- just go outside, and sit under a tree, and just breathe. and look around, because no matter how hard life is for you right now, sitting in the nature, looking around and observing things really calms your mind.

then go home and make a veggie soup, or muffins for dinner, whatever makes you happy. and watch an episode or two of your favorite tv show. call a friend or a family member. maybe write a song?

wash your face, put on your favorite pyjamas, close your eyes and try to find peace.

i hate when people say that tomorrow is another day and that sun will rise and we will try again, because what about now? what if now is all we have? why should we wait for another day? so do whatever makes you happiest, right in this exact moment. take care of yourself and people around you. be kind and love, love endlessly.

- salome.