So I see these ‘what’s in my bag’ and ‘what’s in my pencil case’ posts everywhere, but honestly my school bag is boring, it has my text books,, my wallet my laptop and maybe a water bottle.
Then my pencil case is much the same, some pens (nothing special) and some scissors.
Yes I know, I’m boring.

However there is something that people often comment on…. the things I pull out of my pocket.
I have a large pocket in the jacket of my school uniform and I like to have some things on me at all times.
So here’s a list of all the things that I keep in my pockets:

Small dress pocket.

a packet of chewing gum
A hair tie
Some coins ($2 & $1)
My myki (transport card)
House keys

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Right Jacket pocket.

-phone charger
-match-box car to fiddle with in class
-my phone

iphone, gold, and apple image

Left jacket pocket

- A black pen
-Mini perfume bottle
-A fig or a mandarine (to eat on the way to school)
-Small plastic folder the size of an envelope to keep any receipts or handouts I might get at school.
-lip balms
-A oat bar (for lunch)

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So what’s the strangest thing I’ve kept in my pocket?
A whole cake in a container (it was a cake log thing I made)


Someone’s iPad Air…..

See I said it was strange, it’s like there’s a magical portal in my pockets that give me extra storage.
I think I just like to be prepared at all times.