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I've been inactive lately but I came today to talk about this summer, in my country is already warm, so this made me think, what I'm expecting from this summertime?.

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Ice cream

I love ice cream no matter the season, so yeah I eat gladly on december but more on summer because it helps to deal with the high temperature.

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There is people who isn't happy with any season, I try to avoid such negative people, but there is people who is more happy with summer than winter, so you can find a lot of people more happy and active at this season, and I like that, the positivism.

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Movie nights

At this season some movies have a different vibe than if you watch them on another season, so I'm looking for my movie nights with a glass of liquor and ice.

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Shorts and white clothes... I'm looking for them, I'm more of long sleeves and big sweaters, but I like shorts too, I'm sure I'll wear shorts almost all the hot/warm season and not only on summer.

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This are just a few things I've thought, I'm sure I'll do some activities but I'm not sure now.
I'm not a summer person but that doesn't mean I'll hate or complain every second of it, if you're like me, try to find some positive things too.
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