I saw this article and thought I'd give it a try because I really enjoyed doing the colours one...

(My colours one if you wanna take a look btw)

My name is Eleanor

E - Emerald

Temporarily removed green, slytherin, and aesthetic image aesthetic, dark, and Darkness image green, photography, and image image

L - Lapis Lazuli

Temporarily removed art, lapis lazuli, and gold image art and photography image aesthetic, art, and blue image

E - Erythrite

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed nature, pink, and erythrite image pink, aesthetic, and theme image

A - Amethyst (my birth stone!)

purple, crystal, and grunge image background, pattern, and velvet image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

N - Nuummite

alchemy, crystals, and nature image aesthetic, black, and grunge image alley, black and white, and london image black image

O - Opal

stone, tumblr, and aesthetic image tumbrl image crystal, opal, and crystal opal image rainbow, stone, and crystal image

R - Rose Quartz

pink, crystal, and pastel image pantone and rose quartz image pink, pantone, and rose quartz image pink, aesthetic, and crystal image

Hope you enjoyed! Please continue the challenge and give it a go yourself!