Makestar project
24K opened up their third project on Makestar for a photobook mini album. They already set a record with this project by clearing the 100% mark in 8 hours. Let's set a goal to make this their project with the most revenue!
There is also a new feature on this project. People can apply to becaome a '24K project ambassador'. 24Us who are chosen as ambassadors will promote 24K during their comeback.

You don't have to help out monetary wise. If you don't want or can't spend money on this project, that's okay too. You can still help out by sharing the project. Promote them on social media accounts. And don't think it won't help and not do it, because even if you have an account with zero followers, people will still come across your post. They might get interested in the group and check them out. Even if it is just one person who finds them, it is already a big help. So don't be discouraged by lack of responses. Because some people might not say it, but they see it and get interested.

For their comeback 24us on Twitter came up with hashtags to use for their comeback. They are: #24KCOMEBACK and #goldencomeback. Please use these hashtags as much as possible. By using these two there is more chance of a tag trending and people noticing the tags and 24K.