Can we make writing letters cool again, please?
And with "writing letters" I mean taking a piece of paper and writing something with your own, bare hands.
Not an email or a text but a real letter.

It's old-fashioned, maybe that's what makes it so good.
Texting doesn't require that much thought.
But I feel like writing a letter does.
Someone takes their time to write something just for you.
But more than that:
That person cares so much about you that he gets an envelope, a stamp and mails it.
And a few days later someone else can enjoy a wonderful surprise in their mailbox.

l love receiving letters way more than receiving a text.
And I also love writing letters way more than writing a text.
Plus, it's way more fun finding a pile of letters and rereading it, than going through all your text messages (which probably only go back a few months)

Am I the only one who thinks so?

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