Disclaimer: I am lonely as hell and dont have a boyfriend. Now, lets start

Take them to a high place and make them feel like you are on top of the world when you are together.

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Ice, boards. It doesnt really matter. In fact, it is a lot better if you know how to do it and they dont because you will be able to help them * wink wink *

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-Fort Building-
This one is one the cutest. Build a little fort and watch movies inside. Pull an old nighter.

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-Cooking Together-
No need to know how to cook. The point is to end it on a little cute food fight so try to cook something wiht flour and then have a nice "cleaning the kitchen" date and buy some food.

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If you know how to sing or play the guitar this one will be your favorite. If you dont then just make some smores and have a nice cozy night.

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If you know how to drive haha just grab some pillows, some blankets and download some movies. Pull an all nighter, dance like no one is watching and sing A LOT.

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Dani xx