"My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened” - Michel de Montaigne

I've spent a big part of my life picturing the worst case scenarios, most of them were disaster movies.
At this time, I was doing bad dreams when I was chased. I was running without a chance to escape.

I was imagining the worst in all areas of my life.
At work: "they're going to discover I'm a fraud and fire me. I don't deserve this job."
In my relationships: "My boyfriend is going to meet another girl, prettier, nicer, younger and leave me".

Finally, I always passed the exams, kept the jobs and the boyfriends. Nothing as bad as I thought happened.

So I decided to learn how to stop the bad projections and live more in the present moment. When the gremlin in my head is trying to play Walking Dead, I stop and look around me: "Is there really a danger? Is there a zombie in the room?" No! I'm ok. I'm safe. Everything is fine.

Abusive image

My other tools: Meditating. Reading (Eckhart Tolle has written wonderful books about being in the present moment). Walking (a great way for me to clear my mind). Going into nature. Listening some music. Remembering all the things I've already achieved even when I considered myself a failure. Visualizing happy scenarios...

I'm not the victim anymore but the heroine.

Ok, all this is not magical. It needs patience. But I prefer living a full life than spending my time in fanciful nightmares.