My name is Sarah. I am a 25 year old millennial struggling to identify what this thing called "life" is. How do you do it? How do you stay relatively sane while doing it?

I know, I know..
I'm not the only one feeling this way about the journey we all call life. So, I will use this platform to connect with others that understand.

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I have always been the person that has had more questions than answers. I ask a lot of WHY'S. Why this? Why that? etc; etc. With this, I am going to ask the why questions. Possibly identifying some of the answers.

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By the way: End of the F**king World was pretty fucking amazing.


So here is a little insight as to why I am doing this now. As soon as I gradated college, I left. The beginning of my real journey started roughly 9 hours away from home: Raleigh, North Carolina. This place was supposed to be my key to happiness.

After 2 years, I left. Now anytime I think of that place, my chest gets tight and I am overcome with a very perturbed feeling. I lost my true self while I was in Raleigh.

Currently I am starting to become a little bit more of the person I used to be.