There are days when you wake up in the morning and you just feel awfuly. Lists in your mind, pressure and stress when you open your eyes, anger that you live in a city and have to work and don't live in a forest to hunt butterflies carefree. So much ugliness, unhappiness, tirednes... And you can not do anything for all these, you can't withstand anymore.

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It's not a good day. And anyways, to finish with that, I don't want it to be. Okay?

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I'm full of problems and stress for so much time, I feel everything is unfair with all the happenings, I feel like everyone is teasing me under my nose, I feel helpless and vulnerable, and I got the one saying "Have a good day, love" and the other "Make a beautiful day". I don't understand.

And can I tell you something? This day I don't want to understand! I want to stay mad, growl, scream and feel that YES! I FEEL AWFULLY! I want to feel awfully.

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But wait..

Do I want?

Really? Do I WANT to live in darkness, mizery, anger, limitation and moodiness? Is this the life I WANNA live?

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I mean, I know it. I am a logical and emotional person, free, self-sufficient, strong, sociable, I have abilities of happiness and calmness. Why do I want to feel bad? Is this why I live?



Now look. Think; How feeling bad can help in any progress of any situatiion?

And then you choose to change your flow. The "I want to be mad, in pain, I am the problem" becomes "I want to be calm and with clear mind, find happiness in my moments, help the problem to get solved"

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And do you know what happens then?

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When you have desired not to be the problem, not to be the stress, the sadness and the anger, you have, even on the moment, made the decision to want something else.

You have desired to change, move into another direction

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Cause every moment you can do a reset

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In every moment of your day you can shift and move from pain, fear and anger, to freedom and calmness. And you know why?

Because you are not a tree

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So, yes! You can move! It's in your hand.

How? I found my own way.

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It's your choice!

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How do you wanna live?

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Nicole Plasate