Hi loves!

In this article I show you a few small tattoos that I like. Have fun reading!

║ Palm tree ║

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed tattoo and palm image Temporarily removed

║ Snowflakes ║

hair, braid, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed

║ Feather ║

tattoo, bird, and feather image Temporarily removed Image by l a v s c o Image by l a v s c o

║ Heartbeat ║

tattoo and heart image heartbeat tattoo image

║ Birds ║

tattoo, fashion, and girl image tattoo and bird image beach, colors, and girls image Temporarily removed

║ Diamonds ║

diamond, etsy, and geometry image Temporarily removed

║ Wave ║

Temporarily removed wave, beauty, and bikini image Temporarily removed girl, summer, and beach image

║ Heart ║

tattoo, heart, and neck image tattoo, heart, and flowers image

║ Flowers ║

flower, floral, and flower tattoo image beautiful, body modification, and tattoo image tattoo, rose, and flowers image Image by l a v s c o

║ Sun and moon ║

tattoo and sun image Image by princess

║ One word ║

beach, blonde, and fashion image Image by l a v s c o Image by l a v s c o tattoo, french, and saved image

I hope you like these tattoos!

Lots of love,