Korean: 마이스트
Japanese: マイストゥ

MY.st is the upcoming five member boygroup from MY Entertainment. They will be promoting in Japan before making their debut in Korea.

1. Jung Woncheol. He was a member of disbanded group A6P before their disbandment. In A6P he went by the name Ado, most easily to recognize by his mask.
He also appeared on Produce 101 as a trainee from HF Music Company, but was eliminated in the fifth episode.
His position in this group is main dancer.

2. Lee Woojin. Woojin was a contestant on the CJ E&M survival show Boys24 as a part of the purple sub-unit.

3. Juntae. He is nicknamed happy virus and angel.

4. Lee Minho. He is the oldest member in My.st

5. Kim Gunwoo. Gunwoo is the maknae of the group,

Social Media
@onefe0112 (Woncheol)
@_real.lee_ (Woojin)