Hello hearters! Today, while I'm sipping my detox tea with 3 slices of ginger, I'm writing down 5 characteristics that represent each sign based on the people I've met. Enjoy!

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Aries: talkative, free spirit, funny, ambitious, suspicious
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Taurus: stable, introvert, mysterious, good cook, loyal
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Gemini: smiling, extrovert, unstable, bright eyes, super flirty
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Cancer: overly critical, jealous, flirty, polite, hot n' cold
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Leo: honest, generous, bossy, dramatic, good lookin'
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Virgo: socially awkward, sweet, helpful, creative, stressful
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Libra: kind, friendly, picky, athletic, understanding
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Scorpio: passionate, jealous, revengeful, emotional, restless
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Sagittarius: adventurous, spontaneous, passive aggressive, indecisive, overly emotional
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Capricorn: stable, shy, dynamic, multitasker, hot
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Aquarius: attractive, free spirit, funny, explorer, caring
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Pisces: hopeless romantic, moody, silent, polite, creative

So, that's what the people of each sign emit to me. Hope I guessed right and you liked my article! Thanks for reading!
PS: Everyone's different and unique, I characterized based on personal experiences.