Hi lovelies! I came back with my outfit article. On this week I upload my outfits from the hyungs too and I hope you liked them as the previous'. Here you will see this week of mine. And I wanna say also a huge thank you for those many hearts for the previous article. And now, let's se this outfit thing!
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Monday - 03/19 - Jungkook

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Here you can see this comfy and simple outfit of Jungkook. He wore it in the War of Hormone dance practice. I wore simple grey pants, what are very comfy for Monday and with my really cool star wars stuff T-shirt. I had a cool Monday in these pieces so. Also, I wore a pair of black sneakers, but on the photo i wasn't in them.

Tuesday - 03/20 - Yoongi

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When I saw it, I fell in love with this simple and cute outfit of Yoongi's. He wore it in the Spring Day mv (what I also really like). It includes of a cute pinky sweater and dark jeans. For a plus look, I braided my hair, it was a bit messy. but nevermind it. Yoongi just can't do that cutie thing. Haha.

Wednesday - 03/21 - Hoseok

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I had a little problem with this outfit, 'cause before I choose this for this day I hadn't any striped shirts. But on the previous day I went in a story with my friend and finally, this cutie shirt was waiting for me there.
So, I like this outfit so much and it fits to Hoseok in a cute way. He wore it in his single Daydream. It was a blue/white striped shirt with a text on it - Do it with love - it also fits to Hoseok as well. Also with cute pink jeans and pink socks, but forget them.

Thursday - 03/22 - Jin

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First at first, I want to say, that I have any pink shirt, just this cute T-shirt, so forgive me for this. Jin was woring this in the Fire mv. He was just Pink Princess with a little bad guy look. Haha. So, I wore black jeans too, as him and a pink T-shirt with some flowers on it. I hope Jin will like this outfit of mine.

Friday - 03/23 - Jimin

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Jimin has the best day, haha. But for real, I like his style in the Danger dance practice, 'cause he just wore my favorite flanel, black/red check flanel with some black three quarter jeans, but I wore black jeans, here is not that hot weather yet, so. Also with a cool black top, as mine too, haha.
For fun, when I came home from school, I just danced the Danger dance, it was so funny, 'cause I don't really know the choreo of it, it's a bit difficult for me. But I need you is a has a cool choreo.

Saturday - 03/24 - Namjoon

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Haha, I was out again, so I put on Namjoon's outfit from Danger mv. I was woring some light colored jeans with some holes on, haha. With a cool T-shirt, with an L on it, what is from Death Note and my cool black jacket. I had a fun time yesterday and I looked as Namjoon, so, everything cool. Haha.

This was my lovely second article for the boys' outfits. I really hope you liked it as much as I do. So, if you did it, let me know it and leave a cute reaction or hit that heart button or you can leave me a message of you want or you want just to talk. Have a good night or day. See you later. Byeee!