I was scrolling down my gallery and I found a pictures from London! I was there two years ago with my mom and some other people.
So I decided to write how I saw the specific London sights and places in 48 hours. I stayed there for three days but the last day I traveled home so I did nothing in London. Let´s get started!
(note: I moved from one place to another by underground)

I came to London in the afternoon. I went straight to hotel, I leaved there my suitcase and went back to the city.

Oxford street

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a big shopololic can´t miss this street (prepare your wallet!)

Piccadilly circus

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little time square (go there in the evening)

China town

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beautiful! a lot of food restaurants, ideal for food lovers

I woke up around 8am. I had a breakfast in the hotel and went to the city.

Hyde park

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it´s beautiful in the morning especially.

London eye

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i went for a ride too and the view is breath-taking! it´s worth for a pretty instagram pictures haha

Big Ben

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pretty, majestic, must-see in London of course

Buckingham palace

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tip: go there from Big Ben by walking, you can see more from the city. I was there when guards were changing!

Camden town

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this was a highlight for me in London. Cool buildings, shops, delicious food.. another must-see

Tower bridge

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the last thing I saw in London. It´s nice in the evening too.

I traveled home. I went to London Luton airport so I had a little ride through London by bus for the last time.

hope you liked it and it will help you
see you soon

(i am still here haha, i struggle a lot about topics to write about so if you guys have some topics you want me to write about, feel free to send me a postcard :))