Hey, I'm back! Again, hope you're having a great day and, if not, try to stay positive ;) Let's do this!

USA or England

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USA!!!! I actually had the chance to visit England and it is a beautiful and amazing country, but my dream since I was little was to live in USA (I want to go to UCLA and to live in Los Angeles)

Coffee or tea

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I hate coffee, I drink it only if I have to and with a looooooot of sugar. The only tipe of coffee that I like is the Irish one (without alchool).

Italian or Chinese

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Winter or summer

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Both are amazing and I love them.

Rain or snow

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Coca Cola or Pepsi

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Cola, idk why.

Logan or Jake Paul

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Both (plz don't hate me for this)

Mountain or beach

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Headphones or Earphones

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Earphones. I like headphones, too, but I use them just at home because it is more diffincult at school because of my hair and they are not as easy to hide.

Lamborghini or Ferrari

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Bath or shower

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I am dreamy, so I like meditating in a nice, relaxing, long bath.

Skate or bike

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Chocolate or vanilla

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Laptop or phone

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Both, but I tend to like more and use more my phone.

Tattoo or piercing

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Tattoo, I hope I'll get one on my 18th birthday in LA (I know, big dreams)....

That's it for part 1, hope you liked it!! :*