This is my first article so i dont know how to go about it, but i hope you enjoy.

Instagram is a great place for finding people who you like and enjoy following. these are some of artists i follow:

1. septemberwildflowers
Aka Ruth Speer always inspires me to keep going and ads a mysic feel to every painting

art, drawing, and painting image

2. Elly Smalwood
Deals with a lot of important questions about women, and their sexuality

Image by Mané Temporarily removed

3. furrylittlepeach
Aka Sha'an d'Anthes is really positive, and honestly different then what i usually am interested in, inspiring artist and a youtube creator.

animals, art, and black and white image

4. artsypeach
Noor Adwan is a young artist, and has an Instagram full of pastel-hued inspiration and positivity

art, van gogh, and drawing image delicate, doodle, and draw image

Michelle Avery Konczyk makes incredible watercolor paintings that truly make you think, which is the best quality an artist can have

art image

i also have a new instagram art account, if you want you can check it out