I'm sorry if I didn't write last week, but I was very very busy. I think next week I won't write because I'm going to go to Rome, where I've lived. I'm so sorry, but I promise you I will do better next time!

Sophia Roe

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She's just a simple girl, who embrace her age and her natural beauty. She's one of the face of 'Milk Makeup', a beautiful cruenlty-free makeup brand (sorry, there aren't photos of her on WHI, but you can find her on Instagram )

Clarissa Müller

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I've known her because of her hair ahah I love them. Now I follow her on Instagram. She's such a free spirit and a beautiful woman!


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I don't know her surname, but I'm sure you all know her. She's a youtuber, but she also has Instagram, of course. She calm me down and she seems so pure.

Camilla Jansen

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An amazing singer, youtuber and little woman who tries everyday to do her best and be happy. I love her personality and her style.

Tashi Rodriguez

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What a beauty! She's a suuuuper natural girl who works as a model. She always seems happy and so soft.


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A real feminist. I love everything of her.

Thank you for all, I'm really proud of having everyone of us. We are few, but I'm sure that with time we will become a biiig family!