Dear you,
Riverdale is one of my favorite tv shows so I decided to write this article describing the main characters with just 4 aesthetic pics, enjoy it ;)

Let's start!

Archie Andrews

jeans, aesthetic, and denim image guitar image Archie, comics, and tumblr image Temporarily removed
he's the classic "Golden boy" in love, he's kind and gentle with everyone but he can turn into a bad boy so don't mess with him

Veronica Lodge

pearls, aesthetic, and choker image makeup, mac, and lipstick image Image removed Image by themissjade
she's strong and determined, since she was a kid she always got what she wanted

Jughead Jones

food, burger, and fries image aesthetic and converse image Temporarily removed riverdale image
he loves writing and investigating, he can't stand injustices, he's a rebel weirdo

Betty Cooper

aesthetic and a+ image aesthetic, lips, and riverdale image girl, cry, and sad image pink, book, and aesthetic image
apparently she looks like the perfect girl but darkness lives in her, she has been through a lot and she never gave up, she's a clever warrior

Cheryl Blossom

cherry, red, and aesthetic image nails, red, and aesthetic image aesthetic, naked, and riverdale image aesthetic, heart, and lie image
she's the classic "bad bitch" but the truth is she's tired of everything, she is always been alone, but it seems like no one realized that she just needs some love

Here it ends, I hope you liked this new type of article, let me know your thoughts about the show and the characters and in case you don't watch Riverdale, well you really should!


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