*In My Blood


*Shawn Mendes

The meaning behind the song

*Shawn is singing about dealing with anxiety. Shawn needs somebody to support him, but tell telling him it will get better and do stuffs like drink alcohol or have sex to get over it, but it doesn't help at all or even made it worse. He felt depressed, took medicine thorugh his anxiety and had a feeling of giving up for good but couldn't, because he knew deep inside, that he couldn't let his family, friends and fans down. They love him and he loves them. He knew he would be alright again and fought through the anxiety, and now he had admittid he is alright now. __________________________________________________________
Laying on the bathroom floor, feeling nothing. I'm overwhelmed and insecure, give me something. I could take to ease my mind slowly. Just have a drink and you'll feel better. Just take her home and you'll feel better. Keep telling me that it gets better. Does it ever?
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I'm looking through my phone again feeling anxious. Afraid to be alone again, I hate this. I'm trying to find a way to chill, can't breathe. Is there somebody who could...
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I need somebody now. I need somebody now. Someone to help me out. I need somebody now.
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Help me, it's like the walls are caving in. Sometimes I feel like giving up. No medicine is strong enough. Someone help me. I'm crawling in my skin. Sometimes I feel like giving up. But I just can't. It isn't in my blood.
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Listen to "In My Blood" here