• summer depression - girl in red
aesthetic, sun, and peach image grunge, orange, and peach image
"Pretty face with pretty bad dreams no one knows I cry in my sleep waking up feeling like shit it’s a normal thing to feel like this"
  • anemone - slenderbodies
Image by jimeno Temporarily removed
"ive been drowning in anemone here you’ll never get the best of me"
  • yellow flower - mae
flowers, art, and yellow image yellow, flowers, and sunflower image
" I think of you as you as a yellow flower, flower"
  • so sad, so sad - varsity
pink, aesthetic, and tumblr image room, cry, and aesthetic image
"Trying to be a perfect circle weak just like I take my drinks a crumb upon my plate leads to a week of crying streaks I'll never walk away"
  • dræm girl - no vacation
aesthetic, music, and green image Temporarily removed
"When I look at you, I couldn't see myself passing through your room, I know I needed help"
  • peach pit - peach pit
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
" oh peach pit where'd the hours go when your orange skin began to glow from a hanging branch in gardens home not much is hidden underneath a rock heart for breaking teeth and apple cores cyanide seed"
  • we're not just friends - parks, squares and alleys
moon, purple, and sky image purple, waterfall, and blue image
"I’ve got a friend she calls me brother there ain’t nobody we can not live without we don’t need nothing except each other but there’s no reason to say it at loud"
  • altered state of mind - milmine
purple, aesthetic, and neon image pink, aesthetic, and beautiful image
"now i'm in this altered state of mind I just don’t know how to leave it behind got away with murder this time and clearly you are doing just fine"

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