💐 A — Aquilegia Vulgaris (Columbine, Granny's Bonnet).

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In traditional herbalism columbine was considered sacred to Venus; carrying a posy of it was said to arouse the affections of a loved one.

💐 N — Narcissus (Paper Whites).

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The narcissus appears in two Graeco-Roman myths, that of the youth Narcissus who was turned into the flower of that name, and of the Goddess Persephone snatched into the Underworld by the god Hades while picking the flowers. The narcissus is considered sacred to both Hades and Persephone, and to grow along the banks of the river Styx in the underworld.

💐 G — Gladiolus (Iris Family).

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Gladiolus are the flowers associated with a fortieth wedding anniversary.

💐 I — Iris (Iridaceae).

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Iris symbolizes eloquence. Purple iris is symbolic of wisdom and compliments. Blue iris symbolizes faith and hope. Yellow iris symbolizes passion while white iris symbolizes purity.

💐 E — English Bluebell.

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Bluebells are also called ‘fairy flowers.’ According to an old myth fairies used bluebells to lure and trap people passing by in the woods – especially children.
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