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What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

Sometimes I think that all my behavior its always make people misunderstand about me. Then I realize, maybe they are judging or have a weird expectation to me. I can’t lie that sometimes I have an expectation to some others people, but I try my best to always see the reality than expecting too much.

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Most people have high expectation to me and its makes them judging all my behavior that I did. I can’t say that they are wrong too, little bit glad that they do that to me, so actually they're think I can do everything great and it would turns out be really good. Take away high expectation from people it's actually bother me, makes me nervous because the pressure is really intense, causing afraid of failure or some mistakes.

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It made me thought what would people think about me but actually I don’t care at first. When their expectations don't become to reality, they would be underestimate me, not appreciate my own flaws. If that happens, I wish they lower a little bit expectations on me or just accepting me to being myself. Appreciate all that's in me, so they wouldn't be feeling disappointed and feeling misunderstand about me.

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