"Don't drink your life away",
you just ignore me,
flicking your cigarette ash into the ashtray!
Alcohol is the devils saliva.
Drinking everyday in the afternoon,
I hope you learn soon...
Please start trying, before it's too late.
It doesn't help anyone, look at yourself;
you're a state!
I'm only asking for one thing,
just stop drinking and start thinking.
Put down the bottle of vodka-
try to recover.
Please just try. Just try!

"Why do you drink?"
In reply, you just shrug.
Yes, I do understand that it is a drug
but why can't you just try?
You are ruining everything!
I feel like I am in a boxing ring.
Me against you, you against me-
I wish you could just see.
Happiness doesn't come from a bottle.

Please come back...