Hi everyone. I woke up yesterday and this mornig not feeling at my best. I was at school yesterday and it was very crappy (I'm not going through the details but yeah it was lame). I feel crappy like nothing and nobody can help me. I see everyone as my enemy wich is kind of weird. I feel like it's better for me to write this article while I'm feeling crappy cause other wise it would litteraly be : « Just be happy » and it is really not helpful. I hope it will help you ( and I hope it will help me too ).

turn your phone off

You need to concentrate on yourself and comparing yourself will not help you at all. Trust me on this. You will already feel much better.

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It's really important for you to get a good night of sleep. Also try to get to bed earlier and get up earlier. You'll feel much better.

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I know that when I'm feeling down, I eat a lot and I don't think that I'm the only one. You can obviously treat yourself if you want or prepare yourself a healthy snack.

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Music is a big part of my life. Listen to what you love and don't try to listen to someone else's playlist. Don't stop yourself from listening to sad music, listen to whatever you fucking want.

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It can be hard to get up and start working out but once you have completed it, you will be proud of yourself. You can also walk. It will raise your serotonin levels up wich makes you feel mentally better.

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clean your space

If you room is a mess, you are gonna feel like a mess. It can be as simple as vacuming your room, clean your windows or maybe re organise everything.

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have a spa night

Take a nice hot bath or shower. Use the products that you love. Light some candles. Put a face mask on. Change into some comfy clothes.

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I just found this picture :)

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Writing can help you so much. Grab your personal journal. It can be one that you don't usually write in or that you haven't touched in a while. Write everything that is on your mind, your journal will not judge you.It doesn't need to be well written or super sophisticated. You can also write your all time favorite song lyrics, to do lists, write a letter to your future self, or even planning.

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Pet your dog, your cat, your bunny. They will really appreciate it and you will feel better.
( sorry if you don't have one )

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get stuff done

You know that thing you need to buy ? Go and do it. Everything you wanted to do in those past months or even years do them !!!You will thank yourself.

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Rember that it's normal to feel down sometimes and that it happens to EVERYONE from time to time. Don't ignore it, just accept it.

Sorry if you saw any mistakes, english isn't my first language :)
Thanks for reading ♥