1. My Name
I used to be really insecure about my name. I thought it did not fit me well. I thought it was a childish name. Even though, Camille is quite common in Belgium and France, I still felt as thought it was not meant for me because it is a cute name, and I was not cute.
But with time, I have learned to love and cherish this name. My parents gave it to me because they love me. This name is one of the first gifts they ever gave me and I will forever be grateful.

2. My Body
I had always wished I was cute and short. But instead, life made me extremely tall (1m78), with huge curves and big boobs. Nothing like I wanted to look like. I cursed, and hated myself and the world because I could not be like those girls I see in magazines or on television. The first time I went on a diet, I was 6. How can a six-year-old girl already care about her looks? Society wants me to be insecure for it makes me a motivated consumer.
But you know what ? Screw this sh*t ! I eat healthy everyday but sometimes, I crack on some pizza or belgian chocolates. I go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week for at least an hour and a half. I am not overweight, just curvy. So why the hell should I starve myself when apparently, I am just the way I am supposed to be ? There is absolutely no reason. So I started loving my body because that is just the way I was made.

Your body is not just about your apparences; it is also about everything there is inside: your heart which enables you to live life to the fullest, your brain which allows you to learn but also to feel, your skin which protects you and everything inside you, etc.
A body is so much more than the way we look, and we should love it for everything that it brings us.

3. My Personality
Now this is something that I am still working on at the moment, even though I have already made a lot of progress.
I am 21. I love making silly childish jokes. I am very familiar with sacarsm. I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to movies and such, but I hate showing how I feel in real life for I feel it makes me look vulnerable and weak. I love my friends more than anything and I always make sure they know it by being annoying and clingy. I am sensitive and suceptible, even though I try to hide it as much as possible. I easily feel abandoned and I am afraid that this side of me might annoy my friends and family. OK I think I have said enough.
I have my qualities and faults, just like everybody else. I tend to feel like people do not want me around and yet, I have amazing friends that stick with me. I realised that by being insecure about my personality, I could push people away, when all I really wanted was being with the ones I care about.
I am now trying to put things into perspective. I am not a mean or vindictive person, I am not racist or homophobic, I love animals (that last one was off topic); there is no reason to be insecure because I am quite average and at the same time, quite unique. There is no one like me. You may not choose your family, but you choose your friends. And mine must have chosen me for a reason, right? I do not need to worry anymore; I have amazing people around me.

Those are the three major points that I wanted to change in my life. The path to self-love is long. We are all full of flaws, but when we think about it, flawless people would be so boring, so dull. You never like the ones that are like the mass; you probably like the outcasts, the oulaws, the nerds, the crazy ones, the shy ones, the determined ones, and so many others who make you feel something ! Because the soul is so much more important than the rest.

Let's finish this long article with a quote from Karuna Prakashani : "The body is nothing. The one who is crazy about a body is just crazy." (Prakashani, Karuna, Stanadayini ebong anyanya galpa, Calcutta 1979).