She was like a the beginning you don't want to taste her but when you finally did you weren't able to live without her.

When you looked into her eyes you could find million reasons why to be with her..they were like magnet...the strong magnet who drown you deeper and when you gave up you could never go back...

She wasn't an ordinary girl...her dreams were more colorful than a rainbow but reality she lived in was full of grey and black. Her mind wandered into the places other fear. A darkness was her escape from the reality she didn't want to live in...she didn't have another choice.

She walked streets with a fake smile but inside she was dying.

She wasn't scare of death...she didn't have anyone who would miss her...she was afraid to open to anyone because when she did it a long time ago all the people just left her alone..and when she finally found someone who looked like he could understand her he left her too...after that she decided to lock her heart...she started pretend that she haven't one...I don't know why...maybe she thought that it will save her or maybe she drowned in horrible pain and this was the last possibility to run from it.

When she looked at the night sky it looks like all the stars fell into her eyes. She loved the light of the stars. She had that feeling that there in the stars is the place she belongs. Maybe she came here from the sky…maybe she was a fallen angel

You could see the whole universe in her angel eyes which sometimes showed the devil part of them.

Some people told her she isn’t good enough for this place and some told that she is maybe too good for this cruel world. So what she could choose? Be worse or better? She always wanted to be like other people…living in this place knowing this isn’t a life they want to live but don’t bother with that…but this was the main reason…she always wonder what if somewhere is better place for her life…more colorful, more happy life.

She was a daydreamer. Her favorite type of wasting time was dream about life she wants to have someday.

Everyone had their own idea of who she is, what are her dreams or what she want to do, but only the one person knew the truth. That one guy who knew her like nobody else. He saw her in the way she wanted to be seen. With him she felt real. He was an angel for her, finally someone who listened to her, comforted her, someone who could make her smile no matter what. And she fell in love with him. And maybe he fell in love with her, maybe with the way she played with his hair or maybe with her long and beautiful legs he was laying on. He loved her legs and she loved the way he looked at her when he was laying on them, she loved that devilish smile he had in that moment. He was the only one who wanted to watch the stars with her on a hill near her house or waited in the forest at night so they could see the ghosts.

The first time he went to protect her from him, and the second time, that he protect himself from her.