Hello everyone! I am back with another article, which is actually a tag (hence the title). I was tagged by Michel (@night_wishes), who was also the creator of this, so go and check out her article!

1 / How often do you lie?

I don’t think I lie too often, I do try to be honest, whether its about opinions, my own actions, etc, but I do lie if I think it’s the best option available.

2 / Honesty or loyalty?

To me, I will say loyalty, because I feel like if you are loyal to someone, you respect them enough to tell them things, like the truth, no mater how ugly it is. However, if it’s not meaning a package deal like that, they yes, I do think being honest is much more important than staying loyal to someone.

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Of course I’ll include Jin.

3 / On a scale from 1 to 10, how honest are you?

I’ll give myself an eight, because like I’ve mentioned before, I do try to keep my lying to a minimum, but will do it if I feel like its necessary.

4 / Do you always say what you really think?

Absolutely. I don’t talk all the time, so I don’t ALWAYS express myself, but when I do speak, it’s almost always genuine, because what is the point of lying?

5 / Have you ever lied to your parents? (why or why not)

I will say no to this, because in many instances, I leave out information rather than lie/not tell the whole truth, so I will not consider it lying.

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6 / Have you ever stolen anything?

This is weird, but actually no. You would probably think five y/o me has, but I have always been too scared to do things like this haha.

7 / If you were a different person, would you be interested to be friends with someone like you?

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t really talk out loud in class or anything, so I think I would have to be forced to hang out with myself before actually liking myself lol.

8 / Have you ever pretended to be someone's friend but you actually weren't?

I truly hate fake people, so if I don’t like someone, I will straight up tell them and just ignore them unless I’m forced to work with them or something. Obviously, I do all this in a nice way, but they know the truth, and it’s all good. So, no, I have never.

9 / Can you keep a secret?

If it’s important, I swear on my life a word doesn’t slip out, but if it’s not too deep (like a crush or something) and/or it’s about someone I don’t know, then no, secrets will explode out of me.

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10 / Why is honesty important?

To be honest with people, simply is giving them what they deserve. No one deserves to be lied to or taken advantage of, no matter who it is.

11 / Do you think you're trustworthy person?

I would say yes to this, because if it is truly something important to you, then it’s not my place to disrespect you and spread the ‘secret’. I hope anyone would be able to trust me, regardless if I know you or not.

12 / Is it hard for you to admit that you were wrong?

Honestly, no. I have been wrong many many many times, its become a second nature for me to just accept it and try to improve for next time. However, when I was young and stupid, of course I would try to persuade you that I was right, even when I was clearly wrong.

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That’s it for today’s article! I hope you liked it, and I will see you in my next post!

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