Hello everyone, and welcome to my second article! A couple of weeks/days ago I went on a weekend with my class. And at one moment during that weekend we were talking about the small things that make you happy. I thought why not write an article with my favorite little things.

So, here we go, have fun reading!

beautifull, sunset, and look image Temporarily removed
Finding star signs in the sky
dog, snow, and cute image christmas, winter, and snow image
Waking up on a snow day
sisters, kids, and baby image Image removed
Seeing children play
animal, bunny, and cute image dog, beach, and animal image
Seeing animals play
travel, sky, and sunset image photography, sunrise, and Vietnam image
Watching the sun rise/go under
girl, beauty, and hair image Temporarily removed
When someone smiles at you or wishes you a good day
Temporarily removed Image by inspiration
When you can go to bed after a long day
friends, friendship, and bff image Temporarily removed
Being together with friends
Temporarily removed book, beach, and sea image
Sitting by the ocean

I hope you enjoyed my article!
And 'tot de volgende keer' (until next time) as they say in Dutch!